Everyday all summer long, puppy handlers, socializers, trainers and lots of friends came over to work and spend time with each one; everything from examining their paws and ears to swimming with and walking them around the block. 

Then on Labor Day 2018, before most went home, we not only celebrated the holiday but also the fact that all pups had finished their immunizations... with a long walk to a local ice cream shop where they were clearly a hit:)

2018:  The summer 15 pups were trained at our home and we loved every moment!

10/3/20  WE HAVE GOOD NEWS... finally!

Darling Izzy (Hammy grandaughter) is pregnant and gorgeous Gunner is the daddy! Had a sonogram yesterday and it looks like there lots of littles in there! Due on or around 10/27/20; I'll continue borrowing my son's laptop in order to update this page with news and photos. If you're on the waitlist, keep an eye out for an email update which you can always reply with any questions, concerns or interest. BTW, if you don't recieve one, you may need to send me an updated email address; some of you have been on that list for almost 10 years!

​6/21/2020 A MUCH-NEEDED UPDATE: I owe many of you an apology for this outdated website! My laptop broke last fall and I have not been able to update this site since! It's literally the only thing I use a laptop for now and unfortunately I can't make my phone work on this site at all; so very frustrating! I know, for you also.

HERE'S THE LATEST! Yes I am still breeding awesome Labs, but since all but our very last kid has been launched, my oldest daughter and her darling family now hand-raise the pups at their home after I whelp them at ours. We've had several litters since last fall, but people are now contacting me directly to get their second and in some cases third Langley Lab! So everytime I've set out to borrow a laptop (which I'm doing now) to update this site, any availability has already changed. UGH. 

So there are no pups currently available, but I will keep this page updated when that changes and there is indeed news to share. I will also send an eMail update to those on the waitlist.

7/3/20 HOWEVER, I'm so excited at the possiblity of gorgeous pups from these two! Just bred them today, so we should know more at the end of the month.  UPDATE: so sad to say Luna did not get pregnant. We will try again for sure and hope to use Gino again but in the meantime, we will be breeding other amazing dogs and will keep this page updated.

​01/2017  5 week old Carly / Tolly litter in our pool house.  All are taken and being trained; they'll go to their forever homes soon.

Recent & Upcoming Litters

Luna and Gino could have gorgeous babies! 
Luna is a favorite girl who is being trained by her owner here in town to hunt.
Gino is probably the most famous and expensive boy I've ever used! 

        (since she didn't get pregnant, we will try this pairing again on her next heat probably early 2021)