Everyday all summer long, puppy handlers, socializers, trainers and lots of friends came over to work and spend time with each one; everything from examining their paws and ears to swimming with and walking them around the block. 

Then on Labor Day 2018, before most went home, we not only celebrated the holiday but also the fact that all pups had finished their immunizations... with a long walk to a local ice cream shop where they were clearly a hit:)


2018:  The summer 15 pups were trained at our home and we loved every moment!

Recent & Upcoming Litters

June 17, 2019  Violet/Gunner litter of 4;  2 boys and 2 girls:)

​01/2017  5 week old Carly / Tolly litter in our pool house.  All are taken and being trained; they'll go to their forever homes soon.

1/11/19 Kingslee just had 4 Boys and 3 Girls; ALL gorgeous and BLACK! 

(4/25/19 Update: There may be a non-guardian girl available as a Started Pup in May or Super Started later this summer)

12/6/18 We just found out Kingslee (50lbs), one of the PUPkins on our Home Page, is pregnant and due Jan 11.  We used one of the most beautiful, sweet, healthy and mellow BLACK boys I have ever met! In Oct I went to a huge dog show in the Bay Area just to find my next sire and there he was; the very first boy I met... and then he won!  When I met his owner I found out they live just up the road, well, about 90 min away.  That's a big deal when I'm used to having semen shipped in from all over the country.  On top of that, his wonderful breeder/handler even trusted me enough to let me bring him back home for the breeding!  Love this BIG 95 lb boy named Gilley (check out https://wildbluelabradors.com/boys)