Everyday all summer long, puppy handlers, socializers, trainers and lots of friends came over to work and spend time with each one; everything from examining their paws and ears to swimming with and walking them around the block. 

Then on Labor Day 2018, before most went home, we not only celebrated the holiday but also the fact that all pups had finished their immunizations... with a long walk to a local ice cream shop where they were clearly a hit:)

2018:  The summer 15 pups were trained at our home and we loved every moment!

8/30/19 Maisy (and baby-daddy Gunner) just had her second and last litter; 2 Boys and 6 Girls! 

Recent & Upcoming Litters

​01/2017  5 week old Carly / Tolly litter in our pool house.  All are taken and being trained; they'll go to their forever homes soon.

9/6/19 Fushia just had her first litter of (Murphy) pups; 2 girls and 1 boy. That litter is being hand-raised by our oldest daughter Lauren and her darling family. They will however be back here in time for litter box training and will eventually be weaned right along side their first cousins, Maisy's pups.

Maisy and Fushia are very different dogs; Maisy is darker yellow and about as sweet as they come, is quite submissive and happy to sit at your feet all day. Fushia is very light yellow, very athletic and overly-confident; she does settle nicely eventually. I could say Maisy is more mellow than Fushia but I just think it's because she's a couple years older.

Fushia is a Gunner daughter and Budster Grandaughter; she was bred to Murphy which is Maisy's brother.

Hammy (AM CH Belquest Conclusion's Banana Hammock) is Maisy and Murphy's sire, Maisy was bred to Gunner once again which is Fushia's dad.  Confused yet? Bottom line: the pups from both litters are all from the same most healthy and famous lines.

All these pups can go home as babies mid-October, be Semi-Started before Thanksgiving and Fully-Started and delivered just in time for Christmas or even Super Started in the New Year.   Pick Day for both litters is the weekend of 10/19-20.