3/13 Lucy (60 lbs) in Denver was bred to Max (90 lbs); she had 6 pups on 5/12/17 (first litter)

     (Lucy is one of my Phoebe pups that was There will be a favorite Started Guardian Girl trained and ready for placement in mid-Oct.


4/23 Cosette (60 lbs) was bred to Murphy (75 lbs); she had her pups on 6/21. (second and last litter)

Murphy is a Hammy's son; Maisie is Hammy's daughter

7/12/17 Gracie (65lb Budster daughter) was bred to Max (90 lbs); she did not get pregnant


7/24/17 Rey (55lb Budster daughter) was bred to Murphy (75 lbs); she is indeed pregnant and due around 9/23 (second and last litter)

8/13/17 PupWeiser Abby (55 lbs) was bred to Murphy (75lbs); if she gets pregnant she would be due around 10/11/17.

There are several beautiful Guardian Girls ready to breed once they come into heat this spring or summer. 
We will only breed the best and keep this page updated with any news.


Recent & Upcoming Litters

5 week old Carly / Tolly litter in our pool house.  All are taken and being trained; they'll go to their forever homes soon.

Past Litters; these fur babies are now in their forever homes.

And Gracie and Rey are in there somewhere:)