Recent & Upcoming Litters

​01/2017  5 week old Carly / Tolly litter in our pool house.  All are taken and being trained; they'll go to their forever homes soon.

A few random old videos; Gracie and Rey are both in there somewhere.

​​​​​​​We have gotten super serious this Spring about making a dent in our waitlist!  I have even hired guardian families to hand-raise their dog's pups as well as my oldest daughter who will once again hand-raise a litter but this time with the help of her little ones. 

Here's more info as to what will be available soon:

SoCal Litters Pick Day 6/2 in Redlands CA  

My darling sister-in-law has two of our dogs; Abby was the darling PUPweiser who fell off the hay bale at the end of the commercial and Zoey, who's mom Luna was also in the commericial and who's dad Hammy won at Westminster!  ​

After several unsuccessful breeding attempts, we decided to try one last time and breed both their girls surgically hoping at least one would get pregnant... well, they both did just 6 days apart!  

​Abby (athletic PUPweiser 65lbs) + Bear (mellow 90lbs) = 1 girl & 3 boys born 4/10/18

Zoey (mellow Hammy/Luna daughter 60 lbs) + Bear (mellow 90lbs) = 2 girls & 3 boys born 4/16/18

​​NorCal Litters:  Pick Day 6/30 in Turlock CA

these pups can go home as Babies, Pre-Started, Semi-Started or Fully-Started Pups

Rey (extra smart Budster daughter 50lbs) + Gunner (gorgeous 75lbs) = 4 girls & 4 boys born 5/11/18 

Maisy (overly sweet Hammy/Luna daughter 55lbs) + Gunner (gorgeous 75lbs) = 9 boys born 5/18/18

Click on photos for descriptions.  

 So, there's TWO litters born to our SoCal Langley Family; pick day for both will be 6/2 in Redlands; most will be available "Pre-Started" or as babies.  If you want a pup but that date doesn't work for you, some friends who have and also train our dogs in Moor Park are planning to bring pups to their place giving you all in SoCal another week or two to go meet them without having to drive up here.  They are also planning to start one of the pups and we will start any that are left up North; they all will be trained and ready for their FURever homes late July or early Aug.

Rey and Maisy's pups are not only half-siblings but they were born just a week apart.  This summer we are trying something a bit different.  Instead of pups going to other families' homes, we will be keeping their pups being started at our house and have hired about 8 teens to come work with them daily.  So each pup won't have a specific trainer, instead they will be nurtured and trained by several different ones.  Stay tuned for more photos and details.  

These darling Rey and Maisy boys will be available soon.