Recent & Upcoming Litters

​01/2017  5 week old Carly / Tolly litter in our pool house.  All are taken and being trained; they'll go to their forever homes soon.

2018:  The summer 15 pups were trained at our home and we loved every moment!

2/26/23; Almost exactly a year later Luna and Harley had their last litters a day apart.  Crazy! But they are all wonderful pups and most are already in their new homes. As of July 27, there are currently 2 Super Started Girls available. My plan was to spend the summer swimming with them and continue their training; even do CGC with a few. Contact me should you be interested in the one of the two girls (see contact us page for photos)

2/21/22 Its been a really long hard week of sleepless nights with ups and downs;
I'm finally able to mentally and emotionally sit down to update you all...

2/14/22 Valentine's Day Pups are here! 

Luna had her's first after midnight but only after loosing two white boys because she just stopped pushing. 7 hours later after pulling out those two dead pups, my vet got us right in for a c-section first thing that morning.  So thankful as we would have lost the last three but instead just one more white boy didn't male it.  Still it was pretty devastating.  Ended up with: 5 pups: 2 black boys, 1 black girl, 1 yellow boy and 1 yellow girl. 1 black boy should be available from this litter.

Then two days later...

2/16/22 Harley's pups were born but not without two more "stuck pup" complications which I was able to remedy. The only yellow boy was one of them and though he was small, his paw was up by his face and he was stuck. By the time I could actually reach him, he was pulled out lifeless. I did mouth to mouth/cpr and got him breathing and eating; thought he'd be fine however but the next day he quit eating and even though I fed him formula with a syringe, he died that night. More heartbreak. (someday I'll learn whether to just leave things be and not try to save lifeless pups but most almost always live and go on to be health adult dogs) My vet was standing by for another c section but it was not necessary. She ended up with: 2 black boys, 3 black girls, 3 yellow girls but no yellow boys. I'm really sorry, I know that what many of you wanted. Looks like there could be 1 black girl and 1 black boy available from this litter. 


Please remind me if you want to be a guardian; planning to "keep" most of her girls as I love her so much! 

1/18/22   WE HAVE GOOD NEWS... finally!  WE ARE EXPECTING TWO LITTERS ON OR AROUND VALENTINE’S DAY! These will be the stockiest, blockiest but smallest and shortest all-English labs I've bred to date so keep that in mind. Girls will likely be only 45-50 pounds and the boys 60-65 lbs... if kept at a healthy weight.
Mama’s-to-be are Harley and Luna, both light yellow, beyond beautiful and well-mannered.  Black Stryder carries yellow and he sired both litters so there should be yellow and black pups in each litter.

Pups will be whelped in our home then hand-raised by the guardian families. At 4-5 weeks they'll all come back to our house with their mamas to start the weaning process, be introduced to solid food and litter box training until about they're about 7-8 weeks when they will either go home as babies early-April or or begin our started pup training program and be ready for their new homes in June.

​Photos L to R:  Stryder, Harley with her first litter of Stryder pups from Jan 2021, 10 month old black daughters from that litter, Luna (the other expectant mama) who just retrieved 90 ducks the weekend before her sonogram. (When Luna's owner got on the waitlist a few years back he told me he wanted a girl he could hunt with. I sort of laughed and said, "good luck with that; my dogs tend to be couch potatoes". I was wrong; he said she does great!

2020 update:HERE'S THE LATEST! Yes I am still breeding awesome Labs, but since all but our very last kid has been launched, my oldest daughter and her darling family now hand-raise the pups at their home after I whelp them at ours. We've had several litters since last fall, but people are now contacting me directly to get their second and in some cases third Langley Lab. So everytime I've set out to borrow a laptop (which I'm doing now) to update this site, any availability has already changed. UGH.

Everyday all summer long, puppy handlers, socializers, trainers and lots of friends came over to work and spend time with each one; everything from examining their paws and ears to swimming with and walking them around the block. 

Then on Labor Day 2018, before most went home, we not only celebrated the holiday but also the fact that all pups had finished their immunizations... with a long walk to a local ice cream shop where they were clearly a hit:)