Thanks for visiting our website. Please use contact form or email address below if you'd like our mailing address to send a fully-refundable deposit or for answers to questions or concerns not addressed on our FAQ page.  I try to keep it and the MFAQ above always updated with the latest information so there's no need to contact us with "what's available and when?" questions.
I know it can be frustrating not knowing where you stand in the pick and that is the biggest question we are asked, but the truth is, there really is no way for me to know until pups are actually born and I hear back from all those with deposits on file. 
I can then give everyone an idea of where they stand in the process.  Until then, it's merely a guess that can change at any point. We currently have about 75 deposit checks in our folder and if one of them is yours, you can watch yourself move up the list on our FAQ / Waitlist page.

We are honored and so very thankful for the wonderful "word of mouth" references given by those who already have our dogs,
but because we have so few litters each year, it's been a challenge to keep up with the demand.  It's the same with the number of emails we receive daily... Yikes!  So, you should find most if not all answers to your questions on the FAQ, started pup or even on the home page.  I will probably only answer emails asking for our mailing address in which to send a deposit.  I'll then more than likely send an email update to your inquiry once there is actually more news to share.  Maybe it's just my aging-self, but the correspondence part can be absolutely daunting, so thanks in advance for taking the time to read our FAQ page.  I really do appreciate you patience.  It's just me; I have no staff or help.  I'm just a mom with a wonderful, very patient husband, lots of kids (and now grandkids too) and an occasional litter of gorgeous pups.
Since we breed as a family hobby, there are seasons in between litters that we sort of set aside "all things puppy".  However, once a pregnancy is confirmed and we are expecting babies again, we all get quite excited as we joyfully move back into "puppy mode" with fresh anticipation and energy:)

Thanks again for your interest in our pups, 
Paul & Paula Langley

At our most recent puppy reunion in May 2015, someone suggested we start a FB page to keep in touch so we did!  However, we've since friended all sorts of dog-lovers regardless of whether or not they have a Langley Lab.

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April 2019 Rhea and Gunner's Punnies in Peonies

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Spring 2004 - Our very first litter eating their first solid meal

For those looking for a pup ASAP but don't have time to check out our website, here's our MFAQ (most frequently asked question:)  
    ***Do you currently have any pups available? Yes, we may!  Check out "Recent and Upcoming Litters" page


And see "FAQ's & Waitlist for wait length as well as answers to most if not all other questions before inquiring:).
If you've contacted us but haven't heard back, it's either because you accidentally omitted your email address when contacting us or more than likely, a question was asked that's already been answered on our FAQ page.  Once again, I will not ship a young pup; never have, never will.  However! See FAQ's for another idea if you're willing to fly in to pick and take home your pup as carry-on!