Lily and her Oct  2015  PUPkins (and a cute black kitty)

Langley's Labrador Retrievers
 Hand-raised with love from our home to yours...
 Breeding (and now training) pups from healthy renown champions, without the use of kennels.
Looking for our famous "PupWeisers"?  I finally made a separate page for those interested in more details and photos.  Click here to see BUDster and his sisters.

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A.K.C. / O.F.A. Yellow Lab Pups 
 from Calm, Well-Behaved English Lines


Mia           Lucy          Bella
    2005:  Three girls with tails wagging in unison, displaying the various shades of yellow 

from lovely white/cream to gorgeous golden and sometimes fox red

(AKC classifies them all as Yellow Labrador Retrievers) 


 Looking for a great Lab?
 We're a family hobby breeder committed to offering only the best. 

 Dewey... the only dog that lives at our house seems to hang-out mostly in our kitchen.  At least there's never food on the floor.

All the dogs we breed live in a loving home rather than a breeder's kennel.
(see  About Us and Our Dogs  for more about our breeding philosophy)

Fall 2013:  Below are Ruger and Saydee; both Guardians Pups/Dogs who recently stayed with us while their families were out of town.
The pictures capture a typical day at our place; it's all about swimming and a serious, ongoing game of  "keep-away".  
Though they are both just about a year old in these pictures, they pretty much epitomize what we are currently trying to breed; light yellow, mild-mannered,
all English Labs with blocky heads, big barrel chests, shorter snouts, otter tails and the most delightful easy-going personalities ever.  
They are also a bit small for Labs; Ruger is just 75 lbs and Saydee is 60.  They will both fill out a bit as they mature but they will never be big dogs.  
For those wanting a larger Lab, we do offer those occasionally also, though we no longer breed the 100+ lb dogs.

3/23/15 - We're celebrating National Puppy Day!  
(and an extra warm but very dry California Spring)
by planting 4 week old "drought-resistant" Maycee "puplings"  :)

Currently offering pups Sired and Grand-Sired by
"Belquest Doing it for the Ladies" (Dew) and "Belquest Conclusion's Banana Hammock" (Hammy) 

Click on their nicknames above for pedigree, OFA clearances as well as Show Record

 Interested in getting into the queue?
Please see FAQ's for specifics
 about the process.  
Our waiting list can be quite long, but deposits are always fully-refundable and never kept.

Have you already sent in a deposit and curious where you now stand in the pick?  See FAQ/Wait List.

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