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           Hand-raised with love from our home to yours...
                  Breeding (and now training) pups from healthy renown champions, without the use of kennels. 

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A.K.C. / O.F.A. Yellow Lab Pups 
 from Calm, Well-Behaved English Lines


Mia           Lucy          Bella
    Three girls with tails wagging in unison, displaying the various shades of yellow 

from lovely white/cream to gorgeous golden and sometimes fox red

(AKC classifies them all as Yellow Labrador Retrievers) 


 Looking for a great Lab?
 We're a family hobby breeder committed to offering only the best. 

 Dewston (Dewey)... he's a permanent fixture in our kitchen.  At least there's never food on the floor :)

Each of our dogs live in a loving home rather than a breeder's kennel.
 (more about our philosophy on the "About Us" page)

Fall 2013:  Below are Ruger and Saydee; both Guardians Pups/Dogs who recently stayed with us while their families were out of town.
The pictures capture a typical day at our house; it's all about swimming and a serious, ongoing game of  "keep-away". :) 
Though they are both just barely less than a year old in these pictures, they pretty much epitomize what we are currently trying to breed; light yellow, mild-mannered,
all English Labs with blocky heads, shorter snouts, otter tails and the most delightful easy-going personalities ever.  
They are also quite small for Labs; Ruger is just 75 lbs and Saydee is 60.  They will both still fill out a bit as they mature but they will never be big dogs.

                                                                                  So pleased to be using my friend Janet's wonderful boy Max for our current litters.                                                       
                                                          He comes from amazing champion English lines and seriously throws the best pups.  

                                                                                                        Max and his family                                                                                 and again here last winter as he was about to go running with one of our kids.                                                                  
Tiny 15 mo old Willow and Max in our pool in July

Willow lives in Capitola.  Her daddy makes surf and paddle boards and she rides them with her mama.

9/11/14 - Willow had her first litter of pups!  4 Girls and 3 Boys; sired by Max.  
PLEASE NOTE:  this litter has been picked and they are now in their training homes.  Names of families have been removed from waiting list on FAQ page.
Pick/pick up date will be Sat, Nov 1, Semi-Started Pups will be ready early Dec and Started by mid-Jan 2015.
Those with deposits on file and interest in these pups should request one by Oct 9.  Last-minute details and directions will be sent to those confirmed about a week before pick day. 
Two or three of these girls will also be placed into guardian homes.

1 week old!

2 weeks old with eyes open!

3 weeks and tasting their first soaked solid food

4 weeks old and doing so well with their litter box training!

5 week old PUPKINS :)

UPDATE 11/21/14:  Both Phoebe and Lucy are indeed pregnant!  Lucy's litter will be hand-raised by her guardian family here in town.
Stay tuned for newborn news and pictures next month.

UPDATE 10/8/14:  Willow's sister and littermate Phoebe (65 lbs) just came into heat again and will be bred for the first time around Oct 20.  
  If she's gets pregnant, she would be due mid-Dec, pups would be ready for pick day early Feb 2015, Semi-started around mid-Mar and fully-started by late April.  
IF she gets pregnant.  We'll know for sure by mid-November and will of course keep this site updated.
Phoebe's owner sent about 8 darling pictures of her dressed up in various hats; here's one:)    
In the "by-the-pool" photo she is on left, Max is in middle and Aubrey to the right.   She stayed with us during July 4th week while her family traveled.  We had her hips and elbows x-rayed then; they looked great!  

10/17/14 - Lucy (70 lbs) just came into heat again
and will be bred to Max for the last time at the end of the month.  

She is the mama of Tank and Arthur at the bottom of this page.

13 mo old Lily, also a Dew (below) Daughter, just had her hips and elbows x-rayed and was be bred for the first time 12/6/14 to Max.
If she gets pregnant, she would be early February 2015; pick day could be end of March, Semi-started pups would be available early May and fully-started by mid-June.  
Of course, only if she gets pregnant.


Currently offering pups Sired and Grand-Sired by "Belquest's Doing it for the Ladies" (Dew)
Willow, Phoebe and Lily are his daughters, Ruger is his son.  There are several other Dew offspring we plan to also breed as soon as they come into heat.

Dew (Not to be confused with our beloved Dewey way above)

"DEW"  Belquest Doing It For The Ladies

BORN: 4-24-11
HIPS: LR-204496G26M-VPI

AM CAN CH Castlewood's Just Do It

AM CH Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley (Y) (UK Import)

ENG CH Sandylands Gad-About

Kimvalley Follow On To Langshott

AM CH Castlewoods Catch Me If U Can

AM CH Guideline's Master Card (B) (Sw. Imp.)

AM CH Sumo's A-Hoy All Decked Out, CD (B)

BIS AM CH Belquest Lovely Lady Lumps WC

BISS AM CH Borador's By George, CGC (Y)

AM CH Lenches Galivant (Y)Scrimshaw Hard to be Humble

AM CH Deer Runs Sweet Carmel Cream (Y)

Belquest Gone With the Wind II

AM CH Dickendall Davaron Gable

Belquest Barefoot at the Beach

 Show Record:

03/03/12- Best in Sweeps - Maryland Sporting Dog Assoc. LRC of the Potomac Supported Entry- Judge Sue Whale

2/11/12 1st 9-12 Piedmont Labrador Retriever Club Judge Mr Brian Parrott (Lougin)
4/12/2012 1st 9-12 yellow Labrador Retriever Club of The Potomac Judge Mr. Richard L. Edwards (Lasgarn)

4/1012012 4th 9-12 yellow Labrador Retriever Club of The Potomac Judge Mrs. Marious Daniel (Mar-Moye)

 Interested in getting into the queue?
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 about that process also

Our waiting list can be quite long, but deposits are always fully-refundable and never kept.

Curious where you stand in the pick?  See FAQ page for up-to-date list.

Started Pups?  (See our Started Pup page for more details)

Ever wish you could find a beautiful, healthy, well-mannered pup from the ver
y best lines 
that has had it's training to listen and obey started, and was socialized and ready for you to take places and enjoy? 

Maybe you're wondering if a Started Pup is worth the extra money.

Here are a few recent notes...

  Paula-  Jetta has already become a very much loved member of our family.  She is so gentle and is bonding with all of us pretty
much equally.  My husband didn't really want to get a puppy.  He wanted us to get an adult dog that was completely trained, but now, he absolutely adores Jetta.  He is so glad she's our puppy!  When he got home from work tonight, he took her upstairs with him so he could spend some one on one time with her!  He loves her as much as Bri and I do which is a lot of love for a little puppy.

We have an open desk in our breakfast room so we put a bed under there for her so she can lie down there out of the way while I'm cooking or we are eating.  She is so well behaved. We told her to go to bed before dinner and she never budged until we told her it was ok after we were all done eating. She gets to spend so much time with the family because she is so well behaved. We are all being very careful with her training because we will all (including her) be happier with her well trained.  I had always been taught by the trainers that we has hired to help me train dogs in the past to use food treats, and I can see that this way is far, far better. Labs are very food driven, plus this way, the training isn't dependent on a food bribe.

Beyond Jetta becoming a member of our family, she has made a huge contribution to my family this week.  I think there is something very special about her beyond even the fact that she is obedience trained but I am like a mom now when talking about her kids. There is no way I can possibly be objective and of course I think she the best!

I just wanted to keep you up to date on Jetta  and please don't feel obligated to reply.   I just want to keep you up on how she's doing since you obviously put a lot of hard work and love into her.  That is very obvious in Jetta's behavior.  -Rebecca

Sent from my iPhone

Hi Paula,
First off ......... love this pup!!  She is about as close to perfect as a pup can be.  I took her to her new vet for a "well baby" check up.  She was sweet to all other dogs and sat and stayed when asked PLUS she was completely helpful to the vet.  The vet said she could hardly believe that she is only 17 weeks old.  She sits and stays at the open front door when I get the mail etc. She loves to learn new things and she is a pleasure to work with and play with. She is loving and sweet.  She responds to correction quickly although she needs very little correction.
The bonus for me is that I take her for several walks a day.   The bonus is better health for me and an adorable walking buddy :).
Once again.  You and Gilcrist's have started a great pup.  She is learning new things quickly and we love her!
Blessings, Linda

And some with photos....

                             Sugar (L) 16 weeks old and being trained at our home to get the newspaper.  (She was placed as a started pup.)        

1 year later:   
Hi Paula, I hope you and your family are doing well. (M) Sugar was ready to get back in the routine of taking the kids to school every day.
She is my co-pilot.  
After dropping off the kids, she wonders "now what am I going to do?"
Susie (Menlo Park, CA)

3 years later: (R) Hi Paula, I hope you and yours are happy and healthy!  The joy and love Sugar
brings us is one of life's greatest blessings.  She is a dream.  Thank you!!!  Susie

Hi Paula:  Just wanted to send you a little note letting you know how terrific Bud is. He is the sweetest, calmest dog, while also being playful and loving.  And he is so well-mannered.  Lisbeth's training has resulted in our having the perfect dog.  Bud comes with me everywhere.  I bring him to outdoor parties, and he is so well behaved.  People are amazed that he's still a puppy because he is so well behaved. (one friend described Bud as having an old dog's soul in a puppy's body),   Yet when he has the opportunity to play with other dogs, he is so playful.  I take him to meetings with me and he patiently lies at my feet no matter how long.  And his "potty training" is amazing.  We can be at a dog park where Bud is playing with his friends and when it's time to leave, I just tell Bud to hurry up and he immediately goes off and does  his business.  And each morning and night he goes to his spot on the lawn and quickly takes care of his business.  I cannot fully thank you folks for giving us the opportunity to bring home a started pup.  We avoided the frustration of struggling through his initial training, and we have a wonderful new member of our family.  Bud makes my life richer everyday.  I have attached a few photos, including a couple of Bud at the ocean (boy does he love the water!!!).  Hope you are doing well and happy holidays to you and your family.  Best, Marv  (San Francisco, CA)
Marv brought Bud home as a 4 month old pup.  He is 9 months old in these photos. 

Hi,  My name is Shayna and my husband and our 2 year old son live Monterey.  I just came across your website and it filled me with so much happiness and excitement! I have been wanting to get a lab for the longest time and have not found the "place" to get him or her. It's also hard for me to imagine that we would be getting my favorite puppy, but already trained! It sounds almost too good to be true! I was a little to excited and didn't read entirely if you had any available right now? Cream colored and starter pup?  They are all so beautiful and it looks like you do a wonderful and amazing job giving them a home. I look forward to hearing back from you, Shayna 

...about a week later Shayna sent these photos and note:

Hi Paula! It was so nice to meet you and we are so happy with Max (was Otis). He's truly wonderful. We brought him to Carmel Beach today and let him off the leash. He had the time of his life running around playing ball, frisbee and then made some new dog friends. Anthony is in love with him too and is saying how happy he is that we got him. We are doing great.  I wish we lived closer and I could bring Max over to play, I know he would love that!  I will send more photos soon. Thank you again!  Shayna

Paula:  We feel blessed to have come to know you a bit and especially blessed that you have such a warm and loving home and that you take the most care and consideration of any dog breeder I've ever heard of! We truly believe you and your family are the reason why the 3 (soon to be 4 - Duke, Sugar, Teddy, and now Rocky) Langley Labs I know here in Menlo Park/Atherton are some of the sweetest, gentlest, most loving dogs we've ever met. Paul and I say to each other daily (really many more times per day, but...) how lucky we are to have Teddy in our lives. He is the GREATEST! Our kids think so and say it daily, friends tell us, the vet tells us, even complete strangers tell us what a great dog he is and how lucky we are! He even befriended someone who swore he'd never be a dog person!!  Thank you, Paula and family, for breeding the most wonderful dogs so we can experience this happiness in our lives. 

I've attached a picture because of course, we also think he's the most handsome dog we've ever met! 
Best wishes to you and your family in 2011,
Cara & Paul Magliaro

Hi Paula - I just wanted to give you an update on our beloved Henry and provide an endorsement for anyone considering purchasing a "pre-trained" pup.  I feel like Henry was one of the best investments we have made.  When he came to our home he was completely potty trained and crate trained so we never had to get up in the middle of the night with him or clean up any "accidents."  Since he already lived with another family, he understood his place in the family structure and has never tried to assert any dominance over my young daughters.  As a busy family, I had worried about having enough time to train a puppy, but all we have had to do is continue to be consistent in the excellent training he already received.  I also thought his trainer Jamie was a very poised young women who loved Henry and provided a safe, comfortable home for him.  I appreciated that she had a valuable experience training Henry and felt good that she would be compensated for making my life so much easier.  Henry has become an integral part of our family and it is hard to imagine life without him!  Thank you.  Whitney Pope  Orinda, CA


Tori with Frannie her 12 wk old pup.  Then again almost 3 years later. (just receive the photo on the far right of Fannie at Carmel Beach) 

"She is a delight in every way-we LOVE her so much. Thank you Langleys for adding Frannie to our lives!"  The Howe Family (Carmel Valley, CA)

Paula, Well it has been one year since we came to pick up Roxy (as a started pup) and to say we are happy and satisfied would be an understatement.  She is such a sweet, mellow and fun companion for our daughter, Elle.  We are constantly amazed at how smart she is.  My wife, Cathy speaks to her and she obeys.  It is uncanny as if she came programmed understanding english.  We feel so lucky and grateful for all your time and effort to breed the exact type of dog we wanted.  Fun, loyal, CALM, loves to chase tennis balls.  Santa brought her a full box of tennis balls for Christmas and she knew the minute we popped one of the cans what she had.  She was so excited.   Thank you again and we will stay in touch.  Happy New Year.

Sincerely,  Rod, Cathy, Elle and Roxy.  (Palo Alto, CA)

17 mo old Roxy; born in our home, trained, then placed with Elle at 4 months old.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Hi Paul and Paula,
So THANK-YOU again, I visit your site often and love seeing the new puppies.
For anyone that has a question about whether these puppies are quality, the answer is a blaring YES!  You really do get what you pay for!! And I can tell you, a whole lot more!!  
Take care,  Paul, Chris and of course...Couper

Hello Langley family, 
  Hope all is well with you. I haven't been on your site for awhile, and finally did, to see some of your new labs. Soooo, cute. I wanted you to see Lundy (at 3 years), and let you know how (hard to describe in a few words) wonderful a companion he has been for us. He is such a good boy with the grandkids, loves to go camping, and swimming at the river. We love him, and are so thankful that our paths came together when they did.
 If you would like, please use us as a reference anytime and add this to your site. 
Take care, Joyce, Michael and Lundy Dobson (Mariposa, CA)
(check out their truck leash)  
Lundy (Luna's brother)


Paula,  Our pup Cali is doing great,
 she is the first Lab we have had without any health problems. 
Thanks again for a great dog. 
Errol & Sherry (Montana)

Hello Langley Family!  I just wanted to take a moment to write and let you know how very pleased we are with our newest fur family member, Arthur.  
He is truly a treasure and continues to bring joy to our family and smiles to all who meet him.  Lucy and Ruger have blessed us with the best of each in this gorgeous boy.  
His calm, happy, even-tempered demeanor has made training, what most consider the most challenging aspect of a new puppy, an absolute delight.  Lili (our 13 yr old daughter) deserves praise for what she was able to accomplish in a short amount of time.  Anybody who has the honor of having both a Langley Lab and Lili to start it will be blessed beyond measure.  
Our Arthur has shown such a balanced personality and willingness to learn that I have decided to continue his training myself gearing it towards task specific behaviors on command in the hopes he may become a Mobility Service Partner for me in the future.  For now, we continue to bond, train, socialize and fully enjoy our time with our gentle, loving and all-around amazing Arthur.  
If his brothers and sisters are even half as incredible as our Arty is...and somehow I can't imagine they wouldn't share these qualities~ then I can write honestly that those who find themselves desiring a great Lab as a family member, companion or partner in service (therapy, medical alert or mobility) should definitely consider a Lucy/Ruger puppy.  
I am attaching one of my favorite pictures of my precious heartbeat~ dressed in his Sunday Best because I feel he is as lovely to look at as he is to be around.  

18 week old Lucy/Ruger pup Arthur 
Thank you Langley's for offering only the best line pairings.  Clearly, this isn't just a job but a Calling and the blessings
...well...they speak for themselves...wagging tails and lovely brown eyes, pups always at the ready for whatever they can do to make ones day just a little brighter.  
Thank you to Lauren (Ruger's human Mama) and to Joanna  and Lucy's family too~ each of you have helped bring our Arthur to us and most of all...and most importantly:  
Thanks be to our Lord for making all of our paths cross so my Arthur could find us and become a part of our family.  Blessings from a very grateful, Karen Homer and Family

This is from Jennifer is San Francisco who also adopted a Lucy/Ruger pup named Tank:

"He's officially a groomsman in our wedding in August! Had to share. I know you get lots of emails but these were just too cute." 
4 months later:  8 months old Tank at wedding

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