Their Abby is actually the darling pup that almost falls off the hay bale at the end of the commercial.  Nancy said It was cute; just after arriving at her new home in Redlands, they took a walk past a horse and Abby seemed to feel right at home.  She texted me the photo.

Hana and Luna; both darling Willow SoCal guardians that we hope to breed someday

Langley Labs SoCal

Abby            ||            Nancy           ||             Betty   

Paula, Just a quick note to let you know how impressed we were with Langley Labs SoCal. Nancy and her family could not have been more cooperative and supportive during Luna’s training phase.Her son Nathan did an outstanding job with Luna’s training which made the transition to our home that much easier. She was well socialized and her overall demeanor was and continues to be reflective of all the lovin she received during those early weeks/months. I would highly recommend LL SoCal to anyone looking for a quality English Lab.
Tom and Karen Frinzi
(Newport Beach) 

You can read more about our Pupweisers here.

Please note:  we are not currently offering SoCal pups.

So pleased to announce Langley Labs Southern California!

 The above picture is of my dear Sister-by-Love of almost 36 years, Nancy Langley from Redlands, CA  (we married brothers; she the oldest and me the youngest.  Our precious Mother-by Love who recently passed always had only sons, called us Daughters-by-Loves and she meant it!). 

Over the past 30 years, Nancy has bred and raised an occasional litter of Dachshunds and German Shepherds but has come to love our Labs.  She has "been on our wait list" for a long, long time:)  As soon as the PupWeisers were done filming down south, she took home 3 month old Abby as well as her half-sister Luna (who was also in the commercial), one of Willow's pups.  Luna was started by Nancy's family winter 2014/2015 and then placed as a guardian with a wonderful couple from Newport Beach.  Both Abby and Luna should be having their own litters of "baby buds" some time in 2016.  The breedings will of course be done artificially (AI) since the boys we plan to use live on the opposite coast and we would never ship our girls.

Nancy and her family as well their 6 month old Pupweiser Abby were at my house visiting on April 11, 2015: while Abby's very pregnant mom Betty was here to have her second and last litter.  She actually started whelping 45 min after this picture above was taken!  Nancy got to be here to see the first two born before heading home with Willow who she whelped a week or so later and we placed her pups mostly in SoCal.